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Shoe and Boot Repair


Full and half sole replacements, heel replacements, patching and stitching, black linings, zipper and buckle replacement.

Coakleys Services Shoe Repair9.jpg

Handbag, Luggage and Belt Services


Handle and strap repair and replacement, deep cleaning, hardware replacement, custom dyeing and colour changes.

Coakleys Services Shoe Repair9.jpg

Key Cutting



Precise and accurate key duplicates for your home, business and auto.

Coakleys Services Shoe Repair9.jpg

...and More


Dry Cleaning Depot


Sharpening of Tools, Scissors, Knives, Mower Blades


Watch Battery Replacement


At Coakleys, our goal is to surpass your expectations at each and every visit. We believe “no job is too small" - just tell us what you need!

Instant diagnosis? Send us a pic! 

Coakleys will gladly provide you with a quote. Email a photo of your item and Gary and his team will do the rest! We will assess your item and provide you with a quote to restore your shoes and boots back to original condition!


You can also send your photo to us through Facebook Messenger or Instagram direct message.

Please note that without seeing your actual footwear in person, we can only provide a rough estimate.


Recommended by Red Wing

Coakleys is recognized by Red Wing as an official authorized repair depot.


Prices may vary. All pricing in CAD. Price does not include applicable sales tax.

Ladies Shoe Repair

Prices starting from:

Regular Heels $30.00

Pin Heel Lifts $19.95

Protector Soles $50.00

Resin Soles (thicker) $60.00

Leather Half Soles $75.00

Metal Shanks $30.00 

Reattach Heel Block $30.00

Mirror Soles $70.00

Birkenstock Soles $80.00

Birkenstock Heels $40.00

Blundstone Full Soles $150.00

Birkenstock Soles & Footbeds $140.00

Re-Cover Heels $75.00

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Stitching & Cleaning

Prices starting from:

Shoe Shine $20.00

Shoe Shampoo $25.00/pr

Boot Shine $25.00/pr

Boot Shampoo $30.00/pr

Deep Cleaning $50.00/pr

Mirror Shine $100.00/pr

New Elastic $20 ea / $30 pr

New Velcro $20 ea / $30 pr

Blundstone Elastic $25 ea /  4 for $80
Handbag Handle Replacement from $50/pr

Zipper Sliders $15.00

New Zips $45.00

Knee-High Zips $50.00

Horse Riding Zips $70.00

Shoe Width Stretching $19.95/pr

Boot Calf Stretching $29.95/pr

Leather Backlinings $50.00

Shoe & Boot Dyeing $50.00

All Glue Jobs Minimum $15.00

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Men's Shoe Repair

Prices starting from:

Regular Heels $50.00

Cowboy Heels $60.00

Hiking Heels $55.00

Protector Soles $60.00

Resin Soles (thicker) 70.00

Half Hiking Soles $75.00

Birkenstock Soles $85.00

Birkenstock Heels $50.00

Birkenstock Soles & Footbeds $140.00

Climbing Shoes $70.00

Half Vibram Soles (Stitched On) $85.00

Full Vibram Gumlite Soles $150.00

Full Vibram Rubber Soles (Stitched On) $195.00

Blundstone Full Soles $150.00

Full Leather Soles $195.00

Leather Half Soles $95.00

JR Heels $75.00

JR Full Soles with Rubber Heel $249.00

JR Full Soles with JR Heel $299.00

Brass Toe Plates $50.00

New Leather Foot Beds $65.00

Red Wing Full Soles $175.00

Dainite Rubber Full Soles & Heels $195.00

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Other Services

Prices starting from:

Knife Sharpening $5.00

Rivets/Snaps $9.95

Lawn Mower Blades $10.00

Shears $10.00

Watch Batteries $12.95

Key Cutting $4.00

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